It seems like the thing to do nowadays is to have some sort of privacy policy on your site. I’m not the type to be a follower, but I guess I better slap something up so everyone can sleep better at night. Here goes…

While I would love for this blog to make me some money, I’m a realist who loves to provide value and substance to others. I’m not the type of bloke who will take your info and peddle it to the nearest list serve. I’ll find the highest paying one and sell it there! Ha.

Just kidding, I’m actually not going to sell your info to another soul. Pretty sure that I could not sleep at night if I pulled some shit like that. That and I wanted to see if you were actually reading my privacy policy. I guess if I see a deluge of hate mail I’ll know that you didn’t read the whole privacy policy.

If I turn this baby into a membership site, or I decide to create a digital newsletter, I will only collect your email address for the purpose of sending you login details to the membership side of the site, or to send you my newsletter should you decide to subscribe. I will give you the ability to unsubscribe, but I intend for you to not want to.

As always, should you have anything you want to bring to my attention, hit me up at

Now stop reading this privacy policy and head on over to the home page.