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Barkin’ Basin Dog Park

Here we go peeps!

First up: Barkin’ Basin Dog Park


Open 7:00am to 10:00pm, Barkin’ Basin Dog Park is located at Alexander Rd. and Tenaya Way. The park is massive, coming in at nearly 8 acres. Bring your binoculars ‘cuz you may need them to spot your pooch and where they poop! Don’t fear though, the park is damn near impeccable and honestly nothing short of amazing.

Tons of seating for owners and lighting illuminates the park when the sun goes down. You’ll run into so many friendly dog owners that you will wonder if your’e dreaming. I swear it’s like everyone is from the Midwest or something.  Except for the fact that everyone I saw the last time I was there was in pretty good shape! Ha.

Three gated areas divide the park and proper signage alerts you to the different sizes of dogs allowed in each area.  Typically only two of the areas are open at one time.  One area is for small dogs and one area for large dogs.  Poop bags are on site, as well as bathrooms, water fountains, shaded areas, sitting areas, paths, playgrounds, and plenty of green grass.

The owners that I have encountered here during my many visits have been great.  I feel like everyone I’ve ran into at the park have been understanding and have shared the same philosophy as far as using the dog park.  While parks as large as Barkin’ Basin often struggle to stay clean, I feel that also falls upon the users and the dog owners.  You can’t expect those who maintain such a large dog park to be able to canvas the entire park for feces.  Upkeep, to a certain degree, must fall upon the dog owners.

From time to time, you’ll even encounter dog trainers working with client dogs at the park.  I feel that it’s fun to hang out on the sideline and observe the various training philosophies.  I’ve even picked up some free training tips during my time at Barkin’ Basin.

Something else that I should mention is that the park is seldom used during the weekdays.  If you like to reduce the overall number of distractions, while still having plenty of space for your canine companion, do yourself a favor and hit up the park mid-afternoon during the week.  I’m not certain if there is actual max capacity for the park, but in all my visits, I’ve never felt like space was at a premium.

Barkin’ Basin is definitely at the top of my list for dog parks.  Venture to the park yourself and you’ll probably share the same sentiment.  My only gripe is that parking can be a real pain during the weekend, but that’s to be expected I s’pose.  Honestly, the lack of parking really only becomes an issue during peak use days and times.

All in all, Barkin’ Basin is definitely worth a look.  Speaking of look, check out a few pictures of the park:

Barkin' Basin Dog Park Trail Barkin' Basin Dog ParkBarkin' Basin Dog Park Running Walking Trail

That’s it for now.  Click your mouse here to hit me up with suggestions on what you would like to see next!

Welcome Fellow Dog Lovers!

Hey there and thanks for stopping by my humble little blog.

I’m Steven Thompson and I’d like to say hello and welcome you to my Las Vegas Barkers User Group. Original name, huh? I guess you could say this project probably should have waited until I was a little more sober, but what can I say? At least the alcohol actually stimulated me to get off my ass and take some action. I’ve had this idea in my head for a while and I finally got fed up with my buddies taunting me to start a blog. Cheers to alcohol, the great confidence booster!

My goal is to provide all you desert dwellers some insight into places to take your pooches. As we all know, Las Vegas can be downright brutal in the summer when we are talking temperatures. I love taking my dogs out to socialize and over the years I’ve found quite a few cool spots to chill out with my canines. I aim to create a place where users and dog lovers can come for ideas and inspiration.

Who knows, maybe I’ll meet some of you at my favorite dog parks. I may even turn this website into some sort of membership site if people actually like the thing. No promises since this is my first crack at the internet. Hell, I struggled with how to install WordPress. Thank God for YouTube! Maybe I better go grab some liquid confidence…

I must sound like an alky or wino to you right now. Well, that’s if you are actually reading this intro post. I swear I don’t drink all the time. I’m actually more of a social drinker. I just happen to be around my friends all the time. What fun is life if you can’t enjoy yourself from time to time? Amiright? Suddenly I’ve got Milli Vanilli and Girl You Know It’s True going through my head right now. Man, I can be a total space cadet at times…

First things first though. I need to actually get some posts online and get some eyes on my blog before anything else can come to fruition. So, feel free to hit me up at if you have any ideas or chiggity check out my contact page. I want to try and drip out some posts from time to time and bring you some things that I find interesting.


My loyal companion Budaj